Going on a Trip to Portugal: Insight into the Historical Events and Lifestyle

Portugal is endowed with an 800 km coastline. Water sports such as surfing, windsurfing and sailing are very popular in this country and tourists can enjoy these activities during their vacation. The Atlantic islands of Madeira and the Azores also offer several facilities, where ardent water sport loving visitors can enjoy to their heart’s contentment.

Sea has always held a fascination for mankind and the long seacoast of the country and mild climate are favorable for several beach activities. Tourists can laze on the beaches or go for a stroll to savor the beauty of the sea. Portugal has an ancient and long established history of seafarers. Many coastal towns and resorts have sailing clubs that run coaching courses for visitors. Visitors can also hire boats from these clubs.

Guincho outside Cascais in the Estoril Coast is claimed to be the best beach worldwide for surfing and thus hosts several international championships too. It is very easy for tourist to procure windsurfing boards and sailing boats on hire and also avail of coaching lessons in the resorts of Algarve. The modern marinas at Lagos and Vilamoura in Algarve are important yachting centers. There are a number of small harbors and anchorages all along the Portuguese coast. Tourists adept at sailing may also hire a boat and crew and sail out into the sea.

Water sports like canoeing and kayaking are very popular in the country. Several rivers like Mondego, the Zezere and the Cávado run through the country where many of these competitions and are events held.


A stroll alongside these channels could give an insight into the historical events and lifestyle of Portugal. Also it would be a great way to see the countryside.

Cycling tours are a great hit with most tourists due to the mild climate and fairly flat terrain of the southern and central regions. The conditions are ideal for bicycle touring and mountain biking. It is possible for tourists to rent bicycles at holiday centers, while tourists who are cycling enthusiasts prefer to carry their own customized bicycles for touring. Algarve in the southern coastal region and the flat and largely unpopulated regions of Alentejo, further north are favorite destinations to go for a cycling tour. Minho, a fertile and hilly region in the northwestern part of the country attracts tourists because of its impressive scenery and gourmet cuisine.

Peneda-Gerês is appropriate for mountain biking as the tourist can cycle through the panoramic natural beauty of Portugal. The country also boasts of a rich riding tradition and is home to the exquisite breed of Lusitano horses.
There are several regional fairs held throughout the year, which are combined with religious festivals. The Roman Catholic country celebrates most Christian festivals and is a major attraction for the visiting tourists.

As a tourist, there’s nothing to complain because there’s plenty of recreational avenues wherever you turn. Whether you like organized tours or simply want to trek, you’ll never have to choose between this, and that because there’s plenty of outdoor activities to choose from apart from.